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It is with absolute delight that I invite my yoga family to join me IN-PERSON on SATURDAY 17TH SEPTEMBER 11AM-3PM for my Autumn Wellness Retreat & Soundbath Journey.


Autumn always excites me, it reminds me just likes the leaves that fall from the trees, to shed anything that is not serving us or holding us back from growing. If we let go of those things, it allows us to create space for things to blossom, to evolve, to renew and restore again. 

We will start with a 2 hour Mandala Yoga session with Pranayama, Meditation, Mindfulness and a beautiful full Mandala Practice - incorporating both the yin and yang aspects to the themed element.  


This will be followed by a break to enjoy nutritional and wholesome light lunch, snacks and vitamin packed juices. 

The second half of the immersion will be lead by Marlena, who is a dedicated practitioner and teacher of holistic medicine, certified nutritionist, quantum sound alchemist and access bars therapist. Marlena will be guiding us into pure relaxation and bliss with her Soundbath Journey Session. 


When music speaks, the body listens. Surrender everything that no longer serves you and let the healing energy of reverberating sounds, calming frequency, and harmonious mind take you to a deeper state of consciousness and self-discovery.


The world has healing sounds for those who know how to listen. Soundbath Therapy harnesses this power of cosmic vibrations and unique tones from powerful sonic tools like Tibetan gongs, Himalayan crystal quartz singing bowls, and tuning forks, to foster healing and relaxation at the cellular level. 


Through the years, we continue to offer a modern revival of this ancient healing practice to give you a profound sense of relief, peace, clarity, and freedom from all the clutter and negative energy of the modern world. You are now entering your safe space to wellness. All you need to do is listen.


I am so excited to share this delightful and soulful retreat with you, it’s one that I have devised with my whole yoga community at the heart of it, incorporating the beautiful practice of Mandala Vinyasa Yoga, which is simply a moving meditation, and the healing vibrations of sound therapy to balance the chakras. Mandala is a practice I am DEEPLY passionate about and those of you who have been flowing with me over the last couple of years have really enjoyed getting to know and flowing in this meditative and wholesome style of movement. 


Your investment is £55 and will be held in person in Congleton. 

Places are limited. If you would like to attend, please do get in touch. It would be wonderful to bring together our whole community, both in person yogis and my zoomers to this special In-person event. 

Sending you much love, light and positivity


Em xo





These workshops Are held regularly throughout the year.

Contact Emma to book the next available course or for more details.